Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Watching Duality at Play

To understand more about oneself through self-observation it helps to have something in particular to focus on. 

There's a lot here so go slowly. It starts with the basics then gets interesting later on.

Every moment in life is a play between dualistic forces, and the dualistic nature is why what we experience is always changing. Even when things seem to stay the same for some time, there is always momentum, and where there’s momentum there’s always potential for change.

Prana - vital energy; life force
Nadis - channels in which the pranic energy flows, primarily in:
Pingala - one half of the duality of personal prana: positive polarity, masculine, hot, solar force. Relates to extroversion, action, linear thought. In the right side of the body-mind
Ida - the other half of the duality of personal prana: negative polarity, feminine, cold, lunar force. Relates to introversion, concept, holistic thought. In left side of the body-mind
Sushumna - the so called spiritual force, transcending ida and pingala, through which kundalini passes when ida and pingala are balanced and harmonised.
Samskaras - Impressions from experience stored up in memory. They have energy, and a strong influence, often unrecognised, on character and personality.

Prana - the life force

All creation, all life, is multiplicity, seeming many forms. In the yogic view, multiplicity is considered to be the outcome of the play of duality - a potential for infinite outcomes between two polar opposites.

To understand better the underlying presence of duality, you can look more closely at a well recognised dynamic in yoga. It relates to prana, the life force, and the energy cycles in the mind-body. 

There are two active forces that influence both the body and mind, which are known as ida and pingala. The way we experience everything in life has something to do with the outcome of the interplay between these two forces in the personal energy field. So experientially, they are very much a part of us, part of our life, all the time.

Monday, 18 April 2016

I Am Not This Body - link to song on Soundcloud

Mantra is the language of the Heart, no doubt, but you can still talk to yourself a certain way, particularly in song, that touches the same spot - Self to Self as it were - meaning that it's like speaking to the higher self within... sometimes invoking, sometimes requesting, sometimes reasoning, sometimes arguing, sometimes demanding, always reminding. If it's real you can use any kind of language. At least in any of those moments when you talk that way, and your heart is in it, you are sincere, and the Divine knows that and may give an indication of having heard - in solace, in comfort, in harmony.

This is from a collection of songs. They weren't written with an aim to say anything to anyone in particular. They are expression of an aspiration, a way of talking to yourself trying to find a way to touch that spot - Self to Self.